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The final part for the Van PC arrived last week so I decided to bench test the whole system, from a 12v battery, in my office before installing it all in the van.

I’ve been asked so many times about this little PC I thought it might be useful to produce a video showing the components and the whole system running. Here it is:

Power Usage:

The entire system (including the monitor and all of the wireless devices) runs on about 40w per hour. If I’m watching TV and using the sound bar this can rise to around 50w per hour.

As far as how this impacts on the leisure batteries the system uses about 3.2a per hour, rising to around 4a with the TV and sound bar on. So if I say have the PC on for 8 hours then watch TV for a further 2 hours the system will draw around 34 amps per day.

This is less power than my laptop uses. It’s also much faster than my laptop and has a 24″ screen which is a bit of a luxury in a motorhome 🙂

Full List of Components

Processor: Intel i3 2100T
Motherboard: MSI H611-E35
Memory: 2 x 2gb Kingston Hyper X Blue
Hard Drive: Samsung 840 250gb SSD
Case: M350
Processor Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i
Front Fan: Noctua NF_A4x10
PSU: Pico M3-ATX and 4 Pin Extension
Operating System: Windows 7 Home 32
TV Stick: Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T Stick
Monitor: LG 24EN43VS
Monitor 12v-19v Converter: SEE HERE
WiFi Directional Antenna: SEE HERE
WiFi Hotspot USB Stick: SEE HERE
3G USB Stick: HUAWEI E3131 USB
3G External Antenna:Try Motorhome WiFi (Link on Right)
Sound Bar: No Longer for Sale – Try Ebay


Very, very happy with this little system. It’s fast, silent, small and low power – everything I wanted it to be 🙂

I started building this little PC back in January when I first had the idea to build a dedicated PC for the van, so a few of the components have now been superseded. Having said that, it does everything I need it to do so it really doesn’t matter in the slightest. I had a look around to see what was available at this moment and to be honest there isn’t a single component I would change if I were buying now.

If your reading this in a few months time and are looking to build a similar system it would be worth looking at the Intel Haswell i3 4130T or i5 4570T as both (on paper) appear to be low power but more powerful – especially the graphics capabilities.

If you need any advice on choosing components or building a PC for your own van then your more than welcome to get in touch and I’ll try to help.


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  1. Hi,
    I am in the process of moving into a van and was researching power supply, solar, wifi and all the other usual stuff. I found your site and thought that a 12v pc was an amazing way to go. I couldnt believe that EVERY time i searched on buying a 12v pc, building a 12v pc, using a 12v pc found NO results. This message is just to say you could make a fortune selling these or PLEASE release more videos on how to build it.



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