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I looked around to see what was available in the way of control panels but couldn’t find anything that I liked. Time to make my own.

What I wanted was a central point that I could switch on or off almost everything in my van. I wanted it out of site, as I hate LED’s at night, but easily accessible. I also wanted to be able to see water/gas/battery levels from the same point.

I’ve had panels laser cut before for PC’s and other projects and decided this would be the best approach here. Here is what I came up with.


This will fit at the top of my wardrobe and measures 500mm wide by 100mm high. The round holes are to take 20mm switches with the rectangle on the right taking a triple CBE fascia.

I decided to order the design in 2mm thick black acrylic with a second 2mm clear sheet cut to be bonded to the back without the lettering. I can then add a strip of LED’s behind the panel so the lettering lights up. The lights will be attached to a door switch so when the wardrobe door is open the panel lights up.

The cut acrylic arrived this morning.



These two pictures were taken after I bonded the black and clear panels together with a little clear Stixall.

Here’s a picture with the switches fitted.


And one more showing where the CBE fittings will be.


The CBE fascia has a basic battery monitor on the right, waste and fresh water gauge on the left and will have a gas level gauge in the middle. The gas gauge I have isn’t made for CBE fittings but is small enough to fit in the gap. I’ve ordered a CBE blank which I will cut the gas gauge into.


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