CTEK D250S Dual and SMARTPASS Review Video

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7 Responses

  1. M Wright says:

    Excellent vid.
    What I would like to know is would I have to disconnect the existing charging regime in order to use this system.



  2. Tony says:

    I wondered about your advice that the system after charging the house batteries will then charge the starter battery. Having now run the same system found no charge going back to the starter battery once the house batteries were charged. When stored in the garage for several weeks connected to the ctek MXS25. The starting battery was not receiving any charge and was well down. I emailed the Ctek company in Sweden and was told the DS250 Duel system would not charge the starter battery if left in the garage with the charger connected to the house batteries. I was told to connect a seperate battery charger to the starter battery.
    In my view this is quite misleading when you say in your video that the DS250 will charge the starting battery after the house batteries are charged from the battery charger if left in the garage.
    I have now had another motor home owner tell me he has had his starting battery go almost flat after an absence of only a few weeks. It seems the vehicle alarm, clock etc, pulled the power out of the starting battery. He has now connected another seperate Ctek 3.8 to the starting battery again on advice from the manufacturers. False advertising in my opinion, what do you think?
    Kind Regards

    • David Black says:

      Hi, I’m fairly sure it’s the SMARTPASS that enables the starter battery to be charged as well as the leisure battery(s).
      If you have a look at the manual here:
      this is shown on page 19 of the PDF (page 21 of the book).
      I assume you’re using just the D250s Dual?
      Hope this helps, David

    • Alan Baldwin says:

      I have been looking into adding a D250S to my panel van conversion which is currently fitted with a cbe 200 system.
      The D250S will not charge the starter battery on Tony’s motorhome when in the garage, unless the garage has a skylight, because starter battery maintenance is only from solar panels.
      I want to retain the ammeter, and vehicle battery charging facilities provided by the cbe system.
      My current thinking is to connect the D250S output to the charger input of the cbe distribution panel, in parallel with the cbe charger. The D250S will see the same battery voltage as would the cbe charger.
      It would be necessary to disconnect the existing connection from the starter bettery to the cbe unit (B1) before starting te engine via a NC ignition controlled relay. This the requires the 3 way fridge 12v power to be removed from the cbe panel and controlled via a separate NO relay operated by D+, or simulated D+ which is available from the cbe panel.
      The original cable from the starter battery could be used to connect to the above relays and the D250S but cable size and fusing must be considered. The cables from the D250S to the cbe unit and the domestic battery should be as large as practicable.
      I am still wondering what happens to the D250S, if mains and solar charging are taking place at the same time. The connection from the mains charger to the house battery is limited , I surmise by a thermistor. In the above configuration this thermistor would be effectively between, the D250S starter battery and domestic battery connections.

  3. HarryMann says:

    Thanks for a fantastic vid

  1. December 14, 2013

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