Fitting Reversing Cameras

Once the van was all cleaned up I decided my first job would be fitting reversing cameras.

After doing some research I settled on a kit from Ebay that had 2 cameras and a 7″ LCD screen for about Β£50. I wont link to the seller from here but there are loads of people selling the same item on Ebay.


I decided on having two cameras so I could have them at different angles. One facing straight down directly behind the van and one angled to be able to use more as a rear view mirror.

I also decided not to wire to the reversing lights (a lot of people do this so when you put the van in reverse the screen automatically shows the camera view) but instead to wire them directly toΒ  the live from a 12v cigarette point.

The reason I did it this way is then as soon as I switch the vehicle on the screen shows the view from camera one. If I want to see directly behind the van I press a button on the monitor and it shows camera two. This way I can view either camera when reversing with ease.

Fitting the cameras


Firstly I started with the cameras, deciding where I wanted them fitted.


Deciding on either side of the top brake light I marked exactly the point I wanted them


Then drilled out the holes for fitting. I decided to use a rubber grommet to run the cables through so used a hole saw the right size for the grommet (20mm from memory) then drilled three 4mm holes to bolt the camera to the van.


Once the holes were drilled I painted the cut edges with Red Oxide paint to stop the exposed metal corroding over time.



I then added a little Stixall glue (Toolstation sell this) to the back of the bracket to ensure it was water tight to the van and bolted it on.



I then fitted the cables through the grommet and pushed it into place.


After screwing the camera back to its bracket I added more Stixall to the back of the grommet to again make sure it was water tight.

Then it was time to route the cables.


I used 20mm cable routing threaded through the pillars of the van to make sure the wires would never become chaffed on the metal work. This was a pain to thread the wires through and in future I will use straight tubing not corrugated.

Fitting The LCD Screen

The Peugeot Boxer has a shelf above the sun blinds that was an ideal place to fit the screen as the sun couldn’t shine on it. It’s also fairly out of site from the outside so less likely to attract scum bags.

The screen comes with a sticky pad on its base, but its next to useless. I used a little Stixall to stick it in place.


While I was wiring the screen in I thought it would be a good idea to add recharge points for my phone and hands-free.




And finally a picture from the back with the cameras finished.


6 comments on “Fitting Reversing Cameras

  1. Hi, an excellent and very useful article, brilliant in fact.
    I am about to install a camera similar to yours and only have one question, when you bolted the camera on did you just bolt onto the outside skin, or did you go through the complete wall and then bolt it on, using some sort of back-plate.
    If you could help me here I would be well on my way.
    Many thanks… John πŸ™‚

  2. Hello David,
    I’m sorry but the day after your reply we did the job, inside the van’s panel I cut a rectangular piece of steel, drilled 2 holes and fixed bracket.
    Perfect result.
    Unfortunately I have been ill with tonsillitis since then and that’s why I’m late with my reply. Probably the damn weather…. πŸ™‚

    Many many thanks for your help, it is appreciated.
    You take care, John.

  3. Sounds great, I have looked at these, but do they record people running in the back of you, reason for asking is I have had a bumper replaced this month as a car has already done this once to me.

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