Floor Part 2 – Plywood & Vinyl

I managed to get a bit more done to the van over the last couple of days including fitting the plywood and vinyl to the floor.

In my last post I showed how I insulated the floor, now it was time to cover the insulation with plywood.

To do this I used 9mm ply. I fitted it in six parts, three width ways across the front of the van and three length ways at the back.


I fitted it this way so it sits on the main battens below and also it worked out the easiest way to cut out of three sheets of ply.

It is fixed down with screws into the battens to make sure it was completely flush on all joints and Stixall along every batten underneath, along with more Stixall criss-crossed over the insulation. I glued to the insulation board to help stop future squeaks.

Once the ply was fitted I fitted the vinyl flooring.

I used TARKETT Contract Stella Light Grey Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring which I bought from Ebay. It’s a heavy duty vinyl and comes in several colour choices.

The first job was to seal the plywood. To do this I used a paint roller to apply a thin layer of PVA sealant. Once this was dry I laid the vinyl out and cut it to shape. Once I was happy with the fit I folded half the vinyl back and applied a layer of TRIM FIX high temperature spray adhesive to the ply and the vinyl.

Once this had dried (about 5 minutes) and using a vinyl roller, I fixed the vinyl down starting from the centre of the van. Once it was down I then folded the other half of the floor back and did the same.


All that remains to do now is cut the vinyl where my water pipes go under the floor and fit some aluminium edging across the two door ways. I’ll update this post once the aluminium is fitted.


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