Layout Refined

I decided the layout needed a little tweaking. While I was happy with the overall layout I wanted to put a bit more thought into some of the details.

This is the original design.


And here is the refined layout of the drivers side.


I decided the fridge under the wardrobe on the left should be integrated behind a door. After a little thought I decided the best way to do this would be to use sliders on the fridge door attached to the cupboard door in front  as it would be in a house kitchen.

Int_Fridge1 int_Fridge2

So that the locking mechanism and control panel of the fridge are easily accessible the control panel will be covered by extending the wardrobe door.

Beside the fridge/wardrobe the bathroom door will finish in-line. The bathroom door needs to be the right width so it can open 90 degrees and fill the gap between the bathroom and the kitchen opposite. This way when we return to the van from the beach the front section of the van becomes a dressing room by just opening the bathroom door.

Next is the bed/sofa area. Originally I was going to make the frame out of aluminium. This section will now be wood the same as the rest of the van. The door at the bottom of the bed gives access to the gas taps, has the Carbon Monoxide detector beside it and both will sit back flush with the pull out frame for the bed around them.

Above the bed is a wall unit. The left of the wall unit will have a car radio fitted in the bottom part with a shelf above to hold my VanPC. I did think about housing the PC in a cupboard but was a little worried about restricting the air flow to it. Besides the PC/Radio will be two cupboards.


The other side of the van has the shorter sofa/bed section (170cm) with a cupboard below for bedding and two cupboards above to match the other side.

The kitchen will have a Smev 9222 combined Sink/Hob in the top with a Spinflo Duplex oven under the hob. All of the fascias on the kitchen unit are pull out drawers for easy access.


The Smev Sink/Hob will fill most of the worksurface space so a “flip up” worksurface will be added on the left and right that can be locked into place when needed.

Above the kitchen will be more cupboards that will sit a little higher than the bedroom units to give more space between the hob flame and the bottom of the unit. I also like the way the wall units step up as you look across the van.

Finally, above the sliding door, is another small cupboard. We put a cupboard here in our last van and it was so useful for holding the dogs lead/poo bags and things like torches.

The final bit that needed more thought was cupboard access. I’ve never liked using the normal push locks as a handle to lift a door up as I’ve had them fall apart in the past. At the same time a normal handle doesn’t lock the door in place when travelling and I don’t want the cupboards emptying all over the van 🙂

I decided the ideal solution was to use a push lock and a handle. When we park up we walk around the van and open all the push locks. Then we can use the handle to open and close cupboards the same as at home. When we want to drive away we can lock all the push locks. I’ve also decided to use “soft closers” on all the doors combined with gas struts on the lift up doors. I have this system at home and really like it.



2 comments on “Layout Refined

  1. Hi David,
    What are the sizes on your plans ie Dimensions of the bed area and are you sleeping across the area.
    Shower size would be helpful and what material you used for your panels.
    I’m at the ordering stage for materials.
    It would be great to see the updates to see the finishing process.
    Vic Johnson

    • Hi Vic, I’m now starting to get back on with the van. Basically, I had to get it registered as a Motorhome early last year for insurance purposes so cut a lot of corners. The plan was to redo all that was needed but instead we just started using it (a lot). I’m now going to sort it all out and I’m just uploading an update video now. With regard to sizes, the bed is 2m long x 1.8m wide, and we sleep length ways on it. I haven’t measured the bathroom but I know the shower tray is 67cm square. You may get a better idea from the video. Cheers, David

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