Planning The Underside

My next job was planning the underside of the van so it can fit a water tank, waste water tank and underslung gas tank.

The first thing I did was get some pictures of the underside.

Then to get a better idea of how the “pro’s” do it I videoed the underside of a professionally converted van.

Then I needed to decide on what tanks to buy.

For the water tanks the main supplier seems to be CAK Tanks but I found a lot of people on the SMBCC website had good things to say about a guy called Shaun Barrett who’s website is .

After talking with Shaun on the phone I was confident that this was the guy to go with. He talked me through the layout of my van so the holes would all be in the right place and supplies the fitting kit with the tanks. He also supplies the tanks for several pro builders including IH Motorhomes and Vantage.

Next was the gas tank

This was kind of a no brainer. A company called Gas-It supply a wide range of tanks and accessories but the tank that stood out to me was their 38Ltr model with the fixing lugs attached.


This tank fits perfectly in the bay behind the hand brake cables and looks to be a good choice.

The only other things I need to consider with the underside (beside routing the pipe work) is if while I’m under the van fitting the tanks its worth adding a layer of Waxoyl or similar? I’ll come back to this in a later post.


One comment on “Planning The Underside

  1. Thank you for your amazingly detailed blog site, I am learning a great deal from it!

    You lucky bugger having access to a 4 post lift, I wish I had one.

    With regards to the underside it all looks amazingly clean, can I presume that you either steam cleaned it or pressure washed it?
    On close examination, were there any signs that the galvanised coating had been blasted off the underside in highly exposed areas such as the sills and wheel arches?

    When I eventually buy my Relay/Boxer/Ducato I will be thoroughly cleaning the underside before giving it a very thorough going over with Hammerite on any rust areas followed by a very liberal coating of black Waxoyl.

    I look forward to receiving your reply

    all the best


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