Planning The Underside

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  1. Philip McDonald (Buzzy-Beans) says:

    Thank you for your amazingly detailed blog site, I am learning a great deal from it!

    You lucky bugger having access to a 4 post lift, I wish I had one.

    With regards to the underside it all looks amazingly clean, can I presume that you either steam cleaned it or pressure washed it?
    On close examination, were there any signs that the galvanised coating had been blasted off the underside in highly exposed areas such as the sills and wheel arches?

    When I eventually buy my Relay/Boxer/Ducato I will be thoroughly cleaning the underside before giving it a very thorough going over with Hammerite on any rust areas followed by a very liberal coating of black Waxoyl.

    I look forward to receiving your reply

    all the best


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