Rear Windows

If you’ve already read my blog on which windows you will know I ended up going for Polyvision for the sides of the van.

While I was looking I came across these for the rear doors on a Ducato/Boxer/Relay and instantly loved them.


They are made to the same supplier and are also available for the new Renault Master.

It was an instant decision – we were buying these windows. They are not as easy to fit as the framed windows as they work more like caravan windows. They have a hinge at the top of the window that attaches to the outside of the van. A cut-out is made in the door then a frame made around the cut-out. A rubber seal is then fitted around the frame so when the window is closed it seals to the van.


Openers are then fitted to the frame and clipped onto the window.


I didn’t take any pictures while I was fitting the windows but here they are fitted



They were a pig to fit but I really like them. They look great in my opinion and let in a ton of light. Very happy 🙂

3 comments on “Rear Windows

  1. Hi, I’m interesting in acquiring some of the polyvision windows, I also live about 5 miles from Burton. I just wondered did you buy them directly from miriad-products and if so did you have to open a trade account?


  2. Hi David, please ignore my other post, with the repeated question! I don’t suppose you have a rough idea of how much the 900 x 450 privacy aero windows cost? Was there any problem opening the Miriad account or do you just fill in the form on their website?

    Very good conversion and well written blog, I really enjoyed reading it.


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