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Not a big post this one. In the past I’ve used most available roof lights so pretty much knew what I was going to buy.

The Seitz Mini Heki – its just a really good roof light and in my opinion its good value (not often you can say that about something with Seitz in the title :))


These little roof lights (40cm x 40cm) are supplied with a nice base that houses a fly screen and a black-out blind.


They come in two depths to accommodate different roof thickness’s and are available with or without permanent ventilation.

I decided to use three of these on my build. One in the back over the bed/sofa area, another in the front over the kitchen and the third in my bathroom. I went for a vented one in the bathroom and non-vented in the other areas.

Fitting them is an easy job, in fact the hardest part is getting a flat surface on the roof where the roof is corrugated. To do this I cut some small fillers out of window board and stuck them into place with Sikaflex.


I then measured where I would like to fit the roof light, marked it and cut out the square with a jigsaw (and painted all the exposed edges with red-oxide) I then stuck the fillers into place and let them dry. Then I covered my now flat edges with a generous amount of Sikaflex and bedded the roof light into place. I didn’t fit the bottom at the time as I figured if Sikaflex can hold solar panels in place on a roof with no other fixings the roof lights would be fine for a while.

I did this a few weeks ago now (and fitted the solar panels, also with just Sikaflex) and have driven all over the place since at motorway speeds. I was very sceptical about only using glue to fix things to the roof and no rivets or screws but was assured buy quite a few people on the SBMCC that this was the best way.

As usual they were right, nothing has moved in the slightest :). Here’s a picture of the roof now.


As with everything on this site, these are not instructions. this is just a record of what I did that i hope help others. If your doing it yourself I would suggest reading the instructions and, if your still not sure seeking help.

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  1. Recently I have bought 2 Rooflights for my build. But I have faced a serious problem, there is no way of ventilation. I was at loss what to do. This post really caught my eye when I was searching around. Thanks for sharing it.

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