The Layout

The next thing we needed to decide on was the layout of our van.

We wanted it to have easy access around the van, a rear lounge that converts into a large bed, a usable bathroom and a good kitchen. We also wanted to be able to shut the cab area of the van off from the back so my dog cant shag the steering wheel when I’m not watching (its very embarrassing, on the last van he would do this while flashing the lights on and off much to passers by amusement) .

After much deliberation this is what we came up with.


We would have a sliding door between the cab and the living area, a fridge with a wardrobe above, then the bathroom with toilet and working shower, a U-shaped rear lounge and then the kitchen area.

We would have windows all around the back of the van but none at the front as we spend a lot of time at the beach and by opening the bathroom door the whole front of the van becomes an area to get in and out of wetsuits. Light at the front would come from roof-lights only.


This picture shows the roof layout which will have a roof-light above the kitchen area, one in the bathroom and another over the lounge. Also on the roof will be 2 x 100w solar panels, but more on this at a later date.


Wall units will run above the lounge and kitchen with a smaller unit above the sliding door.


A table will fit into the floor in the lounge area that can be stored in the wardrobe when not needed.


The longer side of the rear lounge will pull out to create a huge rear bed. The two side beds measure 200cm and 170cm (I’m 6’0″, the missus isn’t :)) which by them selves are great for crashing out during the day. By staggering the length of the rear beds we get more “dressing room” area at the front.


And finally a more detailed layout showing the position of some appliances etc. The shorter bed will house bedding below and the kitchen area has pull up extensions on each end for extra work surface area.

Gas and water tanks will be underneath the van and the leisure battery’s will be under the front seats. This leaves under the back of the lounge free to use as a boot to hold deck chairs and body boards etc.

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