Underslung Gas Tank

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  1. Really enjoying your sight. I am converting a lwb Ducato too and am going down the underslung gas tank route. Just wondering what size tank you went for and if it has reduced your ground clearance much? Gasit sell a mounting bracket for these tanks to fit to a Ducato but I think they would further reduce the ground clearance. Did you consider using one of these brackets? Thanks. Jon

    • David Black says:

      Mine is a 38Ltr (I think) and never had an issue with ground clearance (water tanks are lower). I’ve read that on the never van a 38Ltr doesn’t fit – but no idea what does. I bought the version with the built in fitting brackets. Checked it all over a few weeks ago – the stonechip paint seems to have done it’s job as looks great 🙂

  1. January 11, 2014

    […] vehicle). I wrote a little on my blog when I fitted the tank itself here if your interested: http://myselfbuildcamper.co.uk/underslung-gas-tank/ I still need to write up the rest of the installation though Hope this […]

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