Underslung Gas Tank

My Underslung Gas Tank has arrived from Gas It.

This tank was recommended to me by quite a few people who have it. It fits perfectly in the bay behind the exhaust on a LWB Ducato/Relay/Boxer and has lugs attached to it to bolt it to the underside of the van.


After talking to Gas It (see link on right) I ordered the tank and all the bits I needed to get the tank fitted. These included a stainless steel pigtail to go from the tank to the regulator which I will have fitted under the floor of the van next to the tank. I was advised that new regulations will be out soon that say the regulator should be above the tank instead of screwing one directly to the tank outlet.


A fill port to fit in the side of the van to fill the tank and the pipe to connect it to the tank.


A remote gauge so I can see from inside the van how much gas I have. The kit comes with the LED gauge shown below and a dial gauge like the one below but with two wires. The one with the wires is now fitted to the tank in place of the one in the photo.


Some reinforced 8mm copper pipe. As the pipe work is being fitted under a vehicle it should be well protected.


And finally a tap for where the gas enters the van.


This tap will be connected to a 4 way manifold to turn individual appliances within the vehicle on and off.

As with all gas appliances this kit should be installed by a gas safe engineer.

Before the tank is fitted I wanted to give it a good coat of Stone Chip protector.


So masked up the front inlets.


And Painted away.


To fit the tank up I used 4 x M10 30mm high tensile steel bolts through the floor of the van with wide stainless steel washers to give it more support. I then put Stixall around the nuts and washers from below and above to stop vibrations working the nuts loose. I did this as once my floor is down I wont be able to get to the nuts very easily so just for a little peace of mind.


The rest of the installation will be completed at a later date by a gas safe engineer.

I’ll update this post once the whole gas system is fitted.

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