Underslung Water Tanks

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  1. Tom says:

    So you don’t have a filler point cut into the side of your van to the fresh water tank ?

    • David Black says:

      That’s correct (and one of the reasons I did it this way).
      Here’s a not very good pic of the taps fitted:

      • Tom says:

        I like the idea of no holes in the van sides.

        Do you just jab a hosepipe on the yellow connector. How do you know when it is full?

        • David Black says:

          Yep, that’s it.
          I have two ways of knowing when the tank is full. The first is I have electronic sensors fitted to the tank (CAK Tanks sell these). This is great but I usually only use the gauge to know how much water I have left. The second way is much simpler. The tank has an overflow pipe fitted to the top. When it’s full water spills onto the floor and I turn the hose off.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I think when I come to build my van I’ll do it this way.

  3. Paul Lilley says:

    Where can you buy the taps in question ? in particular the grey waste water tap with the blue lever ? I require two of these for my IH motor home , one for the fresh water and one for the waste water.

  4. Keith says:

    Sorry for late reply, the taps above are Plasson item code 1300, and are available from any JDP branch or any other Plasson fittings seller

  5. Graham lloyd says:

    Shaun fitted the tanks for me when I took a nice trip to Leeds, free cup of tea and was back on the road home after less than an hour. Superb experience.
    Di I mention he fitted them for free.

  6. Justine Sarah Saelens says:

    I was going to build the water tanks underneath the van but then someone pointed out that if the tanks are fitted outside the van, the water will easily freeze inside the tanks. (I live in Manchester where it doesn’t get very warm). Are you worried about the water freezing inside the tanks?


    • David Black says:

      It’s never been a problem for me Justine, although I’m about to re-build my van and looking at ways to winterise the water tanks. I have a few ideas, but not decided on one yet, David

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