We Can Rebuild It

We love our van. For 5 years it’s given us the freedom to get away whenever we can. It’s part of the family. But life changes and needs change.

It’s been a rough few years. It’s seemed like if something can go wrong it does. We’ve all had these times, so I know you know what I mean. Anyway, we have decided to do something about it.

I read all the time on motorhome forums, about people who have spent so many years in the rat race, paying off a mortgage, doing everything we are programmed to do. Then, one day, they sell up, buy a motorhome and go travelling. I read these peoples stories and blogs all the time and there’s a common theme. They are happy.

After a lot of discussion, Claira, the dog (of course he can talk) and myself have decided to live in a motorhome and travel the world for as long as we are healthy enough to do so. My income won’t be affected as long as I have internet access. Claira will give up her job and concentrate on her photography.

Without a house to pay for, we will have financial freedom. And can’t wait 🙂

The trouble is, our lovely van isn’t big enough for the three of us to live in. We started to see what was available.

The obvious choice was a big manufactured motorhome. We spent a few months looking at what was available and what would suit us. But nothing really cut it. We had big motorhomes for years before building our own. None compare to our little van for us. It didn’t feel right.

So after considering all options we came to a decision. We will rebuild our van to suit our new needs.

Welcome to the 2018 Self Build Rebuild 🙂

A Lithium powered monster with a ton of storage, a proper kitchen and every home comfort we want. It’s going to be a pig to build, and I’ll video it all.

I’ll leave it here for now, but here’s the new layout. Thanks for reading and wish us luck. We’ll need it 🙂

2018 Self Build Motorhome

2018 Self Build Motorhome – MySelfBuildCamper